– Chinese brand of electrified vehicles will launch NETA brand and three models later this year in Brazil

– With a robust strategy, NETA Auto expects to start KD production n the country soon .

– NETA Auto starts his activities in Brazil in the second semester with concessionaires(dealers) in various regions of the country

– NETA Auto, a brand of Hozon New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., is a leading innovator in the smart EV industry. With a focus on “Tech for All” and “Touchable Smart EV”, NETA develops high-quality EV and cutting-edge technologies.


São Paulo (SP) –“ Technology for all” and “Provide Touchable Smart Electric Vehicles”. Adhere to these vision and mission,  NETA Auto, a brand of Hozon New Energy Automobile group (a giant global technology provider), hits the Brazilian market in 2024. A leading EV brand, updated and with modern products, NETA Auto does not hide its guidance to people and what the market needs, promising to offer an excellent experience with consumers – before, during and after the purchase process.

The logo of the brand self translates this well. Mixing the meanings of people, trees, spring and wings, the logo consolidates NETA Auto as a dream, warm, intelligent and reliable company.

The founder and president of NETA Auto, Mr. Fang Yunzhou, expressed that the NETA is the only automotive brand with the name of a traditional Chinese mythological figure. ‘The NETA spirit represents a new attempt and exploitation of traditional Chinese culture in the New Age, a firm confidence in Chinese civilization, a sincere commitment to the value of technology for all, always advocating the vision of popularizing intelligent electric vehicles’.

With nearly ten years of existence, NETA Auto is considered in China a startup and has accumulated more than 400,000 cars sold in its history worldwide. As a result of a global strategy, with a total investment of more than 20 billion RMB (about R $ 15 billion). It currently has over 9,000 employees and over 3,000patents of technology.

The fourth one from the right is Mr. Willson Sun, the Assistant President of NETA Auto

Since its establishment, NETA AUTO has been committed to making high-quality intelligent electric vehicles accessible worldwide. Currently, NETA AUTO has accumulated nearly 400,000 users globally, including in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and Central and South America.

In 2023, NETA Auto has accumulated sales exceeding 20,000 units in overseas markets.  It was first position among startups EV brands in China regarding overseas sales volume. In the first 4 months of 2024, NETA Auto continued be No1 among China startup brands in overseas sales volume.

Continuous expansion

NETA Auto has a globally bold plan. The company’s headquarters is in Shanghai (China). In addition to this, the company established a second headquarter in Hong Kong, focused exclusively on Operate Outside the Chinese Market (Overseas). The NETA Auto is already present on five continents, with six subsidiaries and five operating factories plus one under construction.

And the company’s next factories are already stamped: Brazil and Mexico. The company’s plan is to establish a production line (KD) in Brazil, which will serve all of South America.

But before the factory, NETA Auto starts its operations in Brazil importing cars from China with dealerships in the local car sales localities in the country. As sales in Brazil will start in the second half, the number of named dealers is still growing.

NETA Auto will expand its global sales network exponentially. Currently, the company has 130 dealers installed outside China, distributed in 35 countries and regions. By the end of the year the plan is to double the number of countries (reaching 50 countries and regions – including Brazil) with more than 500 points of sale installed outside China.

Specifically in China, the company will have 400 dealers installed in that market until December. For 2025, the goal is to reach 1000 points of sales.


NETA Auto has seven models in its portfolio, which is dedicated to the mass consumer market, presenting new models each year and covering the most varied segments (from A to E). The brand has also developed the “Shanhai Platform”, an intelligent and safe automotive platform, and  Hozi Technology , meeting the demands of users and promoting accessibility to advanced technology.

The company confirms that three models -NETA AYA/ NETA X/Neta GT will arrive in Brazil in 2024, and investigates the launch of other models already in 2025.