Nashville, TN, May 16, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via – Roughly a month ago, NFT LA teamed up with NFT Punks to honor the memory of Michael Brooks, affectionately known as “The Rook” with a limited edition commemorative NFT celebrating his contributions sponsored by

This NFT drop became a landmark event, as it is the largest Air-mail NFT drop ever on the Base Chain, directly sent to our community via email. No wallet is required on your end, as one will be automatically generated for you through Horus Wallet.

What happened next was absolutely unexpected!

The NFTs started trading at 0.5 ETH each, putting the 823 NFT collection at 411.5 ETH with a value topping $1,200,000!

If you are one of the lucky ones, simply visit, log in with your email, and a new wallet will be created for you, enabling you to claim the free NFT.

In 2022, NFT LA was created to bring together the people who are at the foundation of creating the Web3 future. There is no time more important than now to inspire, connect, and educate each other and grow the Web3 future together. NFT LA was the place where we, as a community, do exactly that.

NFT Punks was established to think differently and bring utility to NFTs, we believe that blockchain is all about community.

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